Corsham Swimming Club has over 300 members and is entirely run by unpaid volunteers.

The AGM, which is required under our club constitution, is very important in terms of giving members the opportunity to input into how our club should be run and ensuring that our club continues to function and thrive. 

The AGM is to be held on: 17th November 2019, 5pm @ Springfield Leisure Centre, Tippett Room.

Please make every effort to attend, not least to show your support for all of our wonderful dedicated coaches and ‘back room’ staff and to celebrate the success of all our swimmers, but also as we need a good turnout for the AGM to be effective!

At the AGM we vote in members of our Executive Committee and consider proposals made by members and other important issues (such as potentially changes to the membership fees and use of the green card system). The AGM is your opportunity to hear brief reports from the Treasurer, Head Coach and Chair and to ask any questions that you may have about the running of the club. 

Most of the Executive Committee are happy to stand for re-election for a further year, however some are stepping down after playing their part whilst their children have swam for the club. Further, there are a number of vacancies on the Executive Committee and wider committee which remain vacant. Without an Executive Committee our club cannot continue.  Maybe you could consider one of the following roles briefly outlined below (for further information see Committee Roles descriptions on our website):

Treasurer – this is an essential role which must be filled when Fiona Trippe steps down.  The Treasurer is responsible for our club’s accounting and financial management and is a key member of the executive committee.  This role is open to job share.

Vice Chair – this role involves assisting the Chair with tasks in relation to the efficient management of our club’s administrative affairs and potentially chairing the occasional committee meeting.

Competition Secretary – a key role in organising our event timetable, planning and making applications and getting squads together.

(We are very thankful to a parent for recently stepping forward for the role of Welfare Officer and therefore we no longer require nominations for this role).

More generally we always welcome additional help with administrative tasks or helping on poolside or at events, so please say if you would be willing to volunteer, even if only for a limited period.

Any nominations for the above Executive Committee roles should please be emailed to the club secretary, Morven Lamont, email [email protected], ideally by 3rd November 2019. In addition, any agenda items or proposals for consideration at the AGM that members would like to put forward should please be emailed to Morven by the 3rd November 2019.

Thank you for your time

Morven Lamont

Club Secretary

[email protected]

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