The safety of all Club members is paramount, particularly younger swimmers attending Learn to Swim sessions. Corsham ASC takes its Health and Safety obligations very seriously and complies with:

    • Safety instructions issued by Swim England
    • Any relevant statutory Health & Safety requirements
    • Any bye laws or other regulations relating to safety
    • The conditions of any hire agreement relating to safety

Training sessions will not commence without the presence of a trained lifeguard. Children will not be allowed on the poolside without the presence of at least one Club coach or assistant. For this reason, we require that parents and guardians do not bring their children into the Springfield Centre changing rooms more than 10 minutes before the allotted training session start time. This is particularly important for younger members.

Some of the Club coaching staff have achieved recognised qualifications in life saving and first aid. We do our best to encourage all helpers and assistants to improve their skill base in order to protect the welfare of our members.

As well as safety at training sessions, the Club also recognises that it has a duty of care towards its members when travelling to and from, and competing at, galas away from the Springfield Centre. In line with guidance issued jointly by Swim England and the NSPCC, the Club will do everything possible to ensure that its members, particularly younger ones, are cared for in a safe and sensible manner. The Club gratefully acknowledges the supporting role of parents accompanying their children to galas, all of whom play a vital part in maintaining discipline and contributing to the overall safety of team members on the day.