Cardiff swim camp Easter 2019 An early start saw 8 swimmers boarding the mini bus to Cardiff. On arrival we were met by Jemma Lowe the butterfly specialist who took a register. We changed and did a 10 minute land warm up, which consisted of reaction squats and lunges which was fun. After a quick swim warm up we started work on the underwater stage of the race. I learnt about doing fly kicks on your side at the start of each length for all strokes excluding breast stroke as it is more streamlined so quicker. We then focused on break outs which is the first stroke of the race and turns. Finally it was lunch time. After lunch we did an hour core session with time for questions at the end and they shared a bit about their journeys to the Olympics which was inspiring. The core session involved lots of planks which were challenging and hamstring stretches, I think we all need some more practice. Back in the pool with Thomas Haffield (the medley specialist) we focused on all sorts of turns, especially IM turns. We swam a cool down then it was time to get back on the bus. The trip home was much quieter than the morning journey. It was an amazing experience and completely exhausting. By William and Susie

Easter Swim Camp